Is Bashar al-Assad the only party to be blamed for 470,000 causalities in Syria?

Recently, Martin was discussing the decimation since 2011 of the Syrian population. The interlocutor suggested that yes, Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, is indeed a monster. Interesting that the voter chose to blame only Assad. The Syrian President may be a monster as the American government and the main stream media lead us to believe. But the existence of monstrous world leaders is not the point. (The list of world-leader monsters about whom America does nothing, or worse supports, is long.) The point is that America is not constitutionally authorized to be the world’s policeman and America has no known interest in the War in Syria. America’s unauthorized participation in the war contributes to death and destruction in Syria. The moral question American voters face is: “Should America be a party to killing and maiming the Syrian people on such a grand (or any) scale?”

In the absence of a Congressional Declaration of War, Martin says: “No.”