Plato’s Cave

Plato’s Republic contains the famous “Plato’s Cave” metaphor. People in the cave are chained, cannot move their heads, and are forced to look upon a cave wall upon which images dance. The images are shadows of objects illuminated by a fire. The objects are paraded in front of the fire by unknown entities to be reflected upon the cave wall to be seen by the prisoners. One day one of the chained escapes and makes his way to the surface and sees the sunlight and the real world. The escapee realizes that his fellow prisoners are not seeing the truth of the world but rather shadows of curated objects chosen by the unknown entities.

I argue that the Main Stream Media in our modern world, the purveyors of Fake News, are those unknown entities. I argue that most of that which we see on MSM is Fake News.

This video is from one who has escaped the cave, sees the truth, and hopes to bring the truth of the real world down to the prisoners still chained in the cave.