My policy proposal is to begin to dismantle the government healthcare monopoly. The first step is to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act in its entirety with no replacement.

All problems associated with American healthcare are caused by government legislation and regulation designed to protect the profits and income medical service providers. Legislators and regulators care nothing for consumers.

Freedom is the protection of private property rights by the rule of law.

America’s healthcare/health insurance system is a massive government monopoly controlling nearly 20% of Gross Domestic Product or about $10,000 per person per year.

The government healthcare monopoly is a massive invasion of private property rights, including but not limited to:

  • right to trade or contract with others on mutually agreeable terms
  • right to control your own body
  • right to control your children’s healthcare
  • right to engage in work of your own choosing subject only to the voluntary agreement of others with whom you contract
  • freedom from involuntary servitude
  • right to drink 32 oz. sugary soda
  • right to drink raw milk
  • right to smoke
  • right to do whatever the healthcare totalitarians would like to forbid du jour (list of prohibited products and behaviors will grow endlessly)

The general idea of monopoly is that the government controls every aspect of healthcare delivery and payment. In basic economic terms government controls supply, demand, price, and the manner of the delivery of and payment for healthcare services. Nominal private ownership of a some providers of healthcare serves only to hide the government’s control. Advocates for “single payer healthcare” are simply “honest” in their willingness to rip off the mask, the partial facade of a “free market”, to reveal the mostly socialist (and corrupt) system under which we currently live.

See sub-tabs for further discussion of the various ways in which the government currently controls supply, demand, price, and the manner of delivery and payment.