Vaccines (controlling demand)

My simple policy proposal is to outlaw mandatory vaccinations, the purpose of which is to increase demand (and thus prices) for medical services and vaccine product. I would also support the repeal of liability immunity laws for vaccine producers and the repeal of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Democrats and Republicans will say: “People are too stupid to manage their own healthcare”. A Libertarian would never say or believe such a thing. ¬†Libertarians believe that the individual is infinitely valuable and that every adult is morally entitled to complete autonomy and freedom from interference in the governance of his or her own life. Democrats and Republicans, especially with regard to health care, have a totalitarian mindset: “We are the boss of you and you are our slaves”, say Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats and Republicans will say that mandatory vaccinations are for the (stupid) people’s good. The truth is that powerful constituencies make billions of dollars by supplying the mandated product and those powerful constituencies demand that their¬†politicians make laws assuring corporate profits. Every legislation has a reason (the truth) and a rationale (the lie). The truth of mandatory vaccination laws is the assurance of huge profits for favored corporations and groups. The lie of mandatory vaccination laws is the “good” of consumers who in the absence of law would allegedly make “stupid” choices.

Note that Martin is not anti-vaccine. Martin is anti-totalitarian state and pro-freedom.

One final note about legislative support for powerful and favored vaccine constituencies: What further proof does one need than the law providing for vaccine liability immunity for corporations and for a special vaccine injury court. Not only are the corporations immune from liability, the government provides government lawyers to defend against the claims of injured children. Can you think of any other industry protected in this fashion? Are you angry yet?