Foreign Doctors Not Allowed (controlling supply)

My simple policy proposal is to allow fully trained foreign doctors to practice medicine in the United States with no further testing or training.

A fully trained doctor from Europe cannot practice medicine in the United States without taking the required boards, being certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Trained Medical Graduates, and going through a three or more year residency. Foreign doctors do not easily obtain residencies.

This policy is pure protectionism.  There is no reason not to allow a legal foreign immigrant MD a license to practice medicine simply by courtesy upon proof of his or her foreign license.

The reader is encouraged to see that most healthcare regulation, including barriers to foreign doctors, is simply protectionism. The main effect of this protectionism is to limit supply of medical products and services in order to keep the healthcare costs paid by American consumers high.

Legislators do not care about the high prices that American consumers pay for healthcare. Legislators care about keeping their moneyed constituencies, that is healthcare providers, happy.