MEC=Minimum Essential Coverage (controlling demand)

My simple policy proposal is to repeal all laws requiring Minimal Essential Coverages (MEC) for health insurance policies.

Minimum Essential Coverage are state and federal insurance regulations that require insurance policies to include coverage for a wide variety of conditions. The conditions are determined by politics. Large pressure groups are able to have their favorite conditions included.

Insurance should be a private contract between insurers and insureds. When the government intervenes and sets the terms of the insurance contract, the government is doing social engineering. The government has converted health insurance into welfare-healthcare.

MEC regulations simply cover up the fact that we do not have free market health insurance. What we have is socialized medicine the true nature of which is hidden by the nominal private ownership of highly regulated insurance companies. Government has imposed a nationwide welfare-healthcare program, but government does not want to name the program truly. The true name, welfare-healthcare, would put off some portion of the electorate.

The vast majority of people do not need welfare-healthcare. Most people can purchase all the health insurance and healthcare they need. Government needs those people who can independently afford private health insurance and private healthcare to subsidize people who, because of the government monopoly on healthcare, cannot afford either health insurance or healthcare.

To cover the truth that our system is a huge welfare program, the government has created the MEC regulations.

I remind the reader that some people cannot cover healthcare expenses because the system is a government monopoly. If the government were not involved in healthcare, buying healthcare would be no more problematic that buying a McDonald’s Big Mac Hamburger.