Healthcare: The Cure

The problem: The American HealthCare system is a coercive government monopoly. ObamaCare is a complex welfare program designed to hide the fact (that it is a welfare program) and to get everybody ensnared as a welfare recipient or a welfare payer.

The following proposals will enrage many medical services providers.

My apologies.

Doctors and other medical services providers are, on the whole and for the most part, angels of mercy. We patients owe them a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid. (How can you repay someone who has saved your life?)

My healthcare proposals should not be understood as disrespect for medical services providers.

Very few Americans, less than 5%, understand Basic Economics and cannot recognize a coercive government monopoly hidden in America’s healthcare system. The reason is simple. The government schools do not teach Basic Economics. Even though medical services providers are the brightest among us, like 95% of Americans, they are not schooled in Basic Economics.

We cannot teach Basic Economics here, so a simple example will have to serve.

Most readers will be acquainted with Airbnb, the home space sharing Internet app. Most people will be sympathetic to the existence of Airbnb. Yet in New York City, the hotels are trying their best to get their politicians to ban Airbnb in New York City. Why? Because Airbnb, hoteliers believe, would take a large share of “their” short term housing market. In order to protect hotel profits, the government is providing monopoly protection to the hotel business.

Exactly the same process is at work in the American Healthcare System. Government is providing monopoly protection to medical services providers.

Coercive government monopolies are bad for consumers. More importantly, it is immoral to interfere in the voluntary interactions among willing traders, like Airbnb hosts and their customers.

Medical services providers who are sympathetic to freedom in the case of Airbnb, should generalize that sympathy to the healthcare market.


All of the proposals will help heathcare consumers. Following a year of adjustment to the enactment of these proposals, the prices charged for healthcare and for health insurance will drop by 90%. The average expenditure for healthcare / health insurance per person in the US will drop from $10,000 per year to $1,000 per year.

My simple policy proposals to solve the healthcare crisis are these:

  • Unequivocally state the problem in Federal legislation: “The problem with the American Healthcare / Health Insurance System is that the system is a coercive government monopoly designed to protect the incomes of healthcare service providers at the expense of consumers.
  • Repeal all Certificate of Need laws nationwide
  • Stop all government funding of MD residencies
  • Reduce the jurisdiction of the FDA, if not completely including drugs, at least for “medical devices” including phone “apps”
  • Allow fully qualified foreign MDs to be fully licensed to practice in the US without further ado. Allow open immigration for all foreign MDs on condition that they agree to practice medicine for at least 5 years upon entry
  • Repeal all healthcare subsidies through the VA, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Abolish┬áMEC (minimum essential coverage) regulations nationwide
  • End all price controls nationwide
  • Allow purchase of prescription drugs from anywhere worldwide
  • Repeal the tax deductibility of employer provided health insurance
  • Repeal all laws requiring mandatory vaccinations nationwide
  • Repeal liability immunity laws protecting pharmaceutical companies from product liability and abolish the Federal Vaccine Court
  • Completely separate Welfare Healthcare from private Healthcare / Health Insurance. Under a pure Libertarian system, there would be no government welfare programs, including no Welfare Healthcare.

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