I have the greatest respect for our service people, men and women, and for our veterans. My father was a veteran of World War II.

I have military friends and I worry for them as if they were my own children when they are deployed.

Today, we have among us many psychologically damaged and physically injured veterans returned from deployment. Like you, I am angry at their alleged poor treatment by the VA (United States Department of Veteran Affairs). In 2016 there were 377,805 employees in the VA. The purely Libertarian solution to the VA problem is to abolish the agency entirely. I favor that solution, but that solution will not be implemented in my lifetime.

The simplest solution to the failure of government healthcare for veterans would be to issue to all veterans entitled to medical benefits an insurance card entitling the veteran to seek the services of private healthcare providers who would in-turn seek payments for their services from private insurers whose premiums would have been paid by the government. Since the VA would continue to exist, the Veterans would have a choice between public and private healthcare.

The second and very important element of my veterans’ care proposal is to stop creating war-damaged veterans by withdrawing from all undeclared foreign wars. If Congress were required to carry out their Constitutional duty to declare war in advance of combat troups deployment, there would be no more wars.