Personal Freedom

Freedom is the protection of private property rights under the rule of law.

Here is a list of rights that I created for my economics class.

  1. Religion
  2. Worship
  3. Association
  4. Not to Associate (e.g. no compulsory party membership)
  5. Marriage
  6. To found a family
  7. Assemble (peaceful)
  8. Travel
  9. Work
  10. Speech
  11. Thought
  12. Conscience
  13. Life
  14. Liberty
  15. Pursuit of Happiness
  16. Private Property
  17. Bear arms
  18. Self-defense
  19. No slavery
  20. No involuntary servitude
  21. Right to educate one’s children according to parent’s choice
  22. Right to smoke (an instance of your right to your own body)
  23. Right to drink raw milk (an instance of your right to your own body)